Diploma in Nutrition Dietician & Health Management

Details of subjects covered in the program are as follows:
First Semester Second Semester
Basic Introduction Nutrition & Diets in Diseases
Digestion & Absorption Assessment of Nutritional Status
Macro Nutrients Malnutrition
Energy & Carbohydrates Food Commodities and Safety
Proteins & Fats Nutrition for fitness in sports
Vitamins, Minerals & Water Obesity Management
Nutrition during pregnancy and lactation Menu Planning & Calories burnt
Infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood & ageing Calories burnt during various activities
Methods of cooking, exchange list & menu planning Investigations and normal parameters, Nutrition for Overweight and obesity eating disorders, Weight Management, Sports Athletes, Fitness & Cardio vascular diseases etc.
Nutrition in weight Management, Renal disorders & Liver disorders --
Nutrition for sprots, hypertension & bone health --
Nutrition for diabetes & Anemia --
Calories burnt for various activities --

Course Type



Career Studies


1 Year



Career Prospects

Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Training, Teaching, Fitness Centre, State and Central Govt. Projects.

Fee Structure

2022 - 2023

Payment at the Time of Admission. An applicant, seeking admission of the Institute should specify in the application, the Course and the session to which he/she wishes to be admitted. At the time of admission, a student will be required to pay the following fees.

One Year Programme

  Fees in Installment
First Installment
At the time of Admission
Second Installment
Second Installment within 4 months
Total Fees 59,415

* Rs. 1000/- Library security deposit (Refundable) 

How to Apply

Admission to the Institute is open to all young men & women without any distinction of caste, creed or religion. The Institute reserves the right to refuse admission to any applicant without assigning any reason.

Attested copy to be submitted along with the application form of the certificate/degree as required for the course applied for:

  • Certificate & Marks-sheet of 10 standard or equivalent.
  • ii) Certificate & Marks-sheet of 12 Standard. Admission of such candidates shall be finalized only on submission of class 12 Mark sheet & Certificate (Proof of having passed the 12 exam).
  • iii) Graduation Degree & Mark sheet to be submitted (For PG Course).

Prospectus Price

Rs. 500

Online Prospectus Collection and Form Submission

Prospectus is available online on the New Delhi YMCA Website: www.newdelhiymca.in
Go to "Registration" button on Home Screen of Website and get the prospectus

Mobile No. 9871496400

Toll Free No. 18002000140
E-mail : ics@newdelhiymca.in
Website : www.newdelhiymca.in


The subjects of various programmes have been defined in the prospectus. The Institution reserves the right to change/add vary the course structure, Instructional/assessment pattern to keep pace with current industry practices and to improve the quality of programme.

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