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Learn, Grow and Thrive with a Career at the YMCA

Imagine going to work knowing that what you do each day positively affects the lives of the people in your community. Working at the Y, you'll discover more than a job—you’ll enjoy a career with a future and the opportunity to make a lasting difference in the lives of those around you. In more than 10,000 communities nationwide, our staff members of all ages and from diverse backgrounds and life experiences enjoy the personal satisfaction that comes from nurturing the potential of youth and teens, improving the nation's health and well-being and providing support to our neighbors.

We Invest in You

The YMCA is dedicated to helping you to reach your professional goals through coaching, career pathing and a comprehensive leadership development and certification system that encourages learning at all stages of your career.

YMCA Secretaries

  • Mark Clive
    General Secretary & CEO
  • Noel Phillips
    Associate General Secretary
  • Ashish Thorat
    Associate General Secretary
  • Rajeev Singh
    Assistant General Secretary
  • Hemant Agrawal
    Assistant General Secretary
  • Gladwin Lal
    Senior Secretary
  • Vineet Masih
    Senior Secretary
  • Feroze Khan
  • Ashish Clifton
  • Harshul Singh
    Trainee Secretary
  • Sagar Emanuel Paul
    Trainee Secretary

Executive Team (Corporate)


The Executive team is headed by General Secretary, the CEO and comprises of team of Secretaries heading various focus areas. The team of Secretaries provides solidity and continuity in administrative decision making as they perform their functions in different focus areas in rotation.

  • Aseem H Tanejjaa
    Head - Finance & Accounts
  • John Prakash
    Head - Human Resources
  • Rajinald Vijay Milton
    Assistant Manager - Systems & IT
  • Dilip Kr. Mukherjee
    Accounts Officer
  • Sandeep S Paul
    Establishment Officer
  • Leelamma John
    Executive Secretary
  • Raichel John
  • Vandana Washington
    Jr. Programme Officer
  • Victor Visscher
  • Shyamal Sharma
    Executive Purchase
  • Vivek Kumar
    Maintenance Officer


  • Meenakshi Gupta
    Executive Director HPDP
  • Dalip Maccune
  • Vikas Mehra
    Director IMS
  • U V Anand
    Jr Technical Officer
  • Rajdeep Bhagat
    Jr Programme Officer
  • Angelina Anthony
    Jr Programme Officer
  • Vinita Sinha
    Faculty YIMSIT
  • Manuj Mehta
    Technical Officer YIMSIT

Tourist Hostel

  • Ashish Makkar
    Head Tourist Hostel
  • Rajesh Pandir
    Accounts Officer
  • Jyoti Teresa Micah
    Housekeeping Officer
  • Shivani Moza
    Executive - Conference, Banquet and Housekeeping
  • Sudhir Bhardwaj
    Acting Assistant Manager, TH
  • Vincent Jacob
    Maintenance Officer
  • Deepak Massey
    Marketing Executive



  • Namita Kakkar
    TTI Course Coordinator


  • Monica Singh
    Programme Officer
  • Kudsia Shamim
    Community Organisor
  • K. M. Anita
  • Anjali Chaudhary