Programme Cultural & Tribal Committee

The cultural heritage of India needs to be preserved and for this we organise even a Tribal Festival.


Seminar / Awareness Programmes

Tribes and their issues deserve a much-needed attention and through this program we spread the awareness about the same among the society.

Panel Discussion

A panel of experts from across the globe discusses burning social topics and try find solution to related problems as well as make the youth aware about the same. The participants are students from schools and colleges, members from NGO’s and others from various sections of the society.

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Y School Music Concert

What better than a concert to showcase young talent! The family members of the students are also invited to witness the same.


Tribal Festival

The YMCA provides a platform for the various tribes to come together on common platform to showcase their culture, arts & craft as well as their culinary traditions.

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Outreach Programme


This is conducted to reach out to the underprivileged in the slums as well orphanages and old-age homes. What better than the young ones from YMCA spending some quality time with these children and people to bring joy to their lives.

Medical Camps


Under the above "Outreach Program" we conduct medical camps providing free medical tests/ aid to the needy.