Raghuvansh Nag

Raghuvansh Nag






More than 35 Years in the Commercial Department of Air India.

Retired from Air India as Deputy Manager Cargo, New Delhi.

Working Experience:

10 Years : Traffic Section of Air India at IGI Airport, New Delhi. Handled passengers at counters for different Airlines handled by Air India. Also undertook all type of flight work including checkin of passengers, load planning, load and trim of aircrafts. Also handled freighters load planning etc.

08 Years : In Reservation Section of Air India at Sciendia House and Jeevan Bharti Building, Connaught Place, New Delhi doing reservation, ticketing & fare desk

17 Years : In Cargo Section of Air India. Have handled load planning of different types of aircrafts of various airlines handled by Air India. Fully conversant with the computer feeding of data and all other allied jobs. Also fully conversant with the Import and Export functions of Air India and carriers handled by Air India. Fully conversant with loading of different types of ULDs for different aircrafts

For more than 10 Years have been teaching in YMCA, Jai Singh Road, New Delhi

  • Fare and ticketing
  • Airport handling
  • Cargo, booking, freight rates, issuance of Airway bill, building of ULDs of different type of aircrafts, handling of import and export documents

Social Work

Have donated blood several times and have assisted in organizing camps.


I was a regular member of NCC during my school and college days. Have attended two Republic Day Parades as NCC cadet.