New Delhi YMCA pool is among the few licenced pools in Delhi. Well-qualified coaches and lifeguards maintain regular hectic coaching sessions. The pool is open to membership of trained swimmers as well.


Both advanced level players and beginners enjoy evening and morning classes at the multi-purpose synthetic courts. The programme is popular among professionals who find the venue a great source of relaxation after a day’s hard work.


William G. Morgan, a YMCA physical education director, created a new game called Mintonette in 1895 at Holyoke, Massachusetts (United States). The name find's its origin in the game of badminton. But it was played indoors and by any number of players.

Thus, the game is close to YMCA's heart across the world. And the USP of the YMCA Volleyball arena is its most popular coach who is as passionate as the players. Even the top players in Delhi come for daily training at the YMCA courts. Almost the entire Delhi University Women's team trains at YMCA.

Fitness Centre

Located in Connaught Place the Fitness Centre at New Delhi YMCA offers a refreshing venue for the tiring muscles. Doctors, engineers, accountants and high-ranked officials from top MNCs in the Capital frequent the fitness centre.

Martial Sport

Keen followers of karate, kick boxing, MMA & Krav Maga in Delhi have made YMCA their second home.