Principal’s Desk

Education is the imparting and acquiring of knowledge through teaching and learning, especially at a school or similar institution. As we go through the ages of education, we see the evolution of education from the Traditional to Modern Education system.

Traditional education also called customary or conventional, is to pass the values, manners, skills and the social practice to the next generation for the survival. This type of education mostly impart through the oral means.

Modern Education is the latest and contemporary version of education that is taught in schools and learning institutions in the 21st century. Modern education doesn’t just only focuses on prominent academic disciplines of Commerce, Science and Arts but it also aims to foster critical thinking, life skills, value education, analytical skills and decision-making skills in students. Modern Education also makes use of the latest technology such as mobile applications, audio and video platforms like YouTube, Podcasts, E-books, Movies, etc. to educate learners and make the learning process more engaging and interesting.

Living in the 21st century, technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives. None of us can deny that it has brought about nothing short of an overhaul of our world, and more importantly of our educational system. From chalkboards to whiteboards and now to smart boards, technology has become our main source of research, knowledge, and teaching. 

The modern-age education system of India in the 21st century is constituted of a new approach to learning from online education to skill-development courses, digital learning platforms, grading system as well as the use of educational technology in the classrooms and a newly introduced New Education Policy.

YMCA public school tries to integrate both the approaches of Modern as well as Traditional in the field of education. Our students, being the citizen of India, will be focussed on the development of values, traditions and culture along with the modern approach of Skill Development through Technological means. 

We find the teachings of Jesus Christ will be the enlightening factor to make our students shine throughout their life by developing their mind, body and soul.

Fr. Rajeev Thomas