1. The Theme of the International Youth Festival is “Empowering Youth”.Due thoughts and care should be applied while preparing for event/s.
  2. Participation in the International Youth Festival is open to Youth in the age limit of 16-25 years as on 30 September 2019, who are associated with YMCA. Maximum number of participants allowed is 15 + Contingent Manager 01.
  3. For the identification of any participant, following documents will have to be provided by the participating team:
    • a. 10+2 certificate,
    • b. Graduation Certificate in case of Post Graduate student
    • c. Photo identity (passport or AADHAAR) duly attested by the General Secretary/ Secretary/Director/CEO.
  4. The Participation Form NDY/IYF/P/Nov/19 duly filled in with two photos of each participant and attested by the General Secretary / Secretary/ Director / CEO should be sent by 30 September 2019 to the Organizing Secretary- International Youth Festival New Delhi YMCA, Jai Singh Road, New Delhi 110001 or email: [email protected] Participation can be applied online. Download Prospectus & participation form and submit on url newdelhiymca.in/iyf175 Participation Form received after 30 September 2019 will not be considered for International Youth Festival.
  5. IYF disciplines : Section 1 - Music, Section 2 - Dances, Section 3 - Literary, Section 4 - Theatre and Section 5 - Fine Arts
  6. The material / Instruments required for the item may be brought / arranged by the participating team.
  7. Use of Fire Arms and Fire on stage during any event or entire duration of youth festival is strictly prohibited.
  8. Multi talented Youth Participants should be encouraged.
  9. Every participating team to pay a registration fee of Rs. 300/- per participant from Indian YMCAs and US$10 for International participant.
  10. If a team does not participate in an event after confirming their entry in managers meeting, it would be fined 700/- per event of non-participation from Indian participant and US$20 for non participation from International participant/s.
  11. Change in entries, if any, can be made before 15 October 2019
  12. Draw of Lots for all events will be done during Contingent Mangers' meeting one day before the commencement of the International Youth Festival i.e. 6:00 p.m. IST 30th October 2019. The team/teams will compete according to lots drawn.
  13. The team in each discipline will be called by the YMCA/Institution's name. Only three calls will be given during which the concerned team(s) will have to report at stage failing which the team will lose its right to compete. The next team will be called, if the next team is also absent, then the next team will be announced which should report as mentioned above & so on. It will be responsibility of Contingent Manager to keep their teams ready for competition according to the announcement made. If there is any problem, concern should be brought to the notice of the Organizing Secretary. Prior permission from Organizing Secretary is must.
  14. Objection if any, will be entertained as long as the Judges are in their seats. Objection can be entertained on matters regarding violation of rules accompanied with a fee of Rs 1000.If the objection is upheld by the judges/jury ,the fee of Rs 1000 will be refunded or else it shall be forfeited. Objection will be submitted by the Team's Contingent Manager. If the objection against a participating team is found to be correct/true, the concerned team/participant will stand disqualified.
  15. During the International Youth Festival if any dispute arises, it will be looked into by the Jury and the decision would be final.
  16. The International Youth Festival would continue despite the result of the objection or any other matter and under no circumstances the International Youth Festival will be stopped. To stop any participant or any team from participation in the International Youth Festival the right lies exclusively with the Organizing Committee of the International Youth Festival..
  17. The final appellate authority in any case would be the Organizing Committee.
  18. No participant/Official of any participating Institution shall go to the Court / Press for any controversial issue. Issue/s if any, will be settled in-house.
  19. The judgment of all disciplines will be declared immediately after the event is over
  20. Disciplinary action will be taken against the Team/Institution / Team member who uses objectionable words against the Judges/Officials/organizers/other participants.
  21. Following Panel of Jury is constituted:
    • a. Chairman, Organizing Committee of the International Youth Festival
    • b. General Secretary of the New Delhi YMCA.
    • c. Organizing Secretary , International Youth Festival.
  22. The whole contingent should be under the overall charge of the Contingent Manager. If a member of a team is proven to be imposing for some other participant and is proven to be fake, the whole team of that event will be debarred from further participation in the Youth festival.
  23. In cases where objection is raised against the bonafide status of a participant or person other than authorized one will not be permitted to stay in the Festival Campus. The authorized person/s will be: a. Participants , b. Accompanists and c. Contingent Manager
  24. The organizers will provide only General Light and spot lights on stage and no extra lighting will be allowed.
  25. Awards & Trophies Performance of different individuals / teams will be adjudged only as 1st, 2nd and 3rd in all disciplines. Medals and Certificates will be given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions only. Overall Winner Teams 1st, 2nd and 3rdwill be awarded Trophies. Along with the result of the item Skit, individual Best Actor will be declared; likewise Best Dancers and Best Speaker in literary events will also be announced.

The award of Trophies shall be decided on the basis of the total points scored by the team. For Solo & Group events, the points for various places shall be as under:

First Solo 5 Points
Second Solo 3 Points
Third Solo 1 Point
First Group 5 Points
Second Group 3 Points
Third Group 1 Point

Folk Dance/One Act Play

First 5 points
Second 3 points
Third 1 Point