IMS Programme

The Programme list & content are subject to change / updation (as per Institute'sdiscretion). The actual taught content may vary as per faculty / Institute's judgement.

Thinking of giving a boost to your management skills after graduation! Come and join a network of leading-edge faculty and dedicated students steering on the path of management. YMCA IMS PG Diploma Courses in Delhi prepare you for starting off a career in contemporary business environments.

Our educational inventory is packed with value-added options for students seeking a one-year management course in Delhi. Find your preference in the diverse options i.e. Business Management, Human Resource Management, International Trade, Business Data Analytics, Financial Management, Marketing, and Sales Management, and so much more.

The PG Diploma Courses in Delhi are methodically set for theoretical studies along with the practical application of learned concepts. Every step of your learning is supplemented with our infrastructural facilities. Enhance your learning experience with value-added resources available at our campus.

Every management course builds the required industry awareness in every student. After completing a management course in Delhi, you would be able to-

  • Apply the learned concepts in real-world situations
  • Take action at the right time even in challenging business situations
  • Bridge the gap between skill application and management orientation
  • Get ready to work in a professional atmosphere

Be ready to take your next step to success with distinguished management courses with YMCA IMS.