Diploma in Robotics and Humanoid

This programme gives a quick start in the domain of Robotic Development and industry-oriented projects. The coursework imparts in-depth knowledge of both hardware and software basics of electronics, programming languages, and chatbot; along with hands-on practice on robotics kit using real-world applications.  
Few Projects :
1. Line follower Robot
2. Obstacle Avoiding Robot
3. Remote Control Car/JCB

Course Type







10 + 2 PASS

Course Structure

Software : Python IDLE
  1. Introduction & Basic calculations in python
  2. Uses of variable,calculations with variables, Print statements (different ways to print)
  3. Multiple statements on single line or multiple assignment, Strings in Python, Types of operators-arithmetic, comparison, assignment, logical, bitwise, membership, identify operators.
  4. Exception handling in Python, OOP concepts, Sending an email, Networking, Database Connectivity
  5. Regular Expression.
  1. Introduction & Setting up the environment and Installation Migrating from Rasa 1.x to 2.x,
  2. Building your first Rasa chatbot with UI, Understanding NLU and CORE.
  3. Deployment of rasa chatbot to the live server.
Hardware : Raspberry Pi
  1. Introduction  &  Raspberry Pi 3 Hardware, Raspberry Pi 3 OS
  2. Powering Up and Running, Connecting to a Network
  3. Raspberry Pi Programming, Blinking of Led, Interfacing push button button, Raspberry Pi 3 and Sensors
  4. Pulse Width Modulation, Interfacing Buzzer, Interfacing BO motor with Raspberry Pi
  5. Interfacing HC-05 bluetooth Module, Interfacing IR sensor with Raspberry pi
  6. Building a Line follower/Obstacle avoider robot, Building a wireless robot that can be controlled with mobile app
  7. Interfacing servo motor, Build your own wireless JCB with a mobile application
  8. Build your own face recognition based door unlock system.
  9. Build your own robot that will send you an email everytime an unknown user will enter your home to prevent theft.

Fee Structure



Admission open for July 2022 Batch 

1st Installment Rs. 66,890/- (at the time of Admission)
2nd Installment Rs. 37,760/- (15th September, 2022)
Grand Total Rs. 1,04,650/-(including tax)

How to Apply

Online Registration  Price Rs. 500

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