Graphology English

Graphology is the art and science of analyzing handwriting to identify, evaluate and understand a person's personality.
Graphologists are trained specialists in handwriting analysis who carefully studies the various intricacies of a person’s handwriting to interpret his/her character, behaviour, emotions, strengths, weaknesses and future potential.
10th pass or 10th students (Result awaited)

Course Type



Office Management


3 Months



Career Prospects

Some of the career opportunities available in this field includes:
  • Corporate Industries / Consultant Services
  • Forensic Department
  • Court and police departments
  • Schools
  • In Career Guidance Sector
  • While choosing life partners

Fee Structure

2020 - 2021

(admission throughout the year)

Grand Total Rs. 25,000/- (including tax)

How to Apply

Calligraphy (Basic) Course

Prospectus Price

Rs. 500

Online Prospectus Collection and Form Submission

Prospectus is available online on the New Delhi YMCA Website:
Go to "Registration" button on Home Screen of Website and get the prospectus

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