Public Relations, Media and Event Management

Public Relations, Event Planning & Team Management, Event Safety, Security and Accounting, Media Business Management,  Media Creativity & Job Skills.

Course Type



Media Studies


1 Year



Fee Structure

2023 - 2024

First Installment (At time of Admission) Total Including GST 38,508
Second Installment (on or before 31th October) Total Including GST 25,118
Third Installment (on or before 30th December) Total Including GST 25,118
Fourth Installment (on or before 29th February) Total Including GST 25,118
Fifth Installment (on or before 30th April) Total Including GST 25,118
  Grand Total 138,980

How to Apply


Media & IT Courses Prospectus

Rs. 500

Online Prospectus Collection and Form Submission

Prospectus is available online on the New Delhi YMCA Website:
Go to "Registration" button on Home Screen of Website and get the prospectus Tel.- 01143644034 Mobile No.: 9958675600
E-mail :

Important Dates


Course Commence from

21st August 2023

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