“Members Workshop 2011 ”

Partnership in His Mission - Vision 2020

A Members Workshop 2011, on the theme “Partnership in His Mission – Vision 2020”, was held on 26th February 2011 in the Heinz Auditorium, Tourist Hostel.  75 members attended.

Message and Keynote Address – Pastor George Dawson delivered the Message and Keynote Address.  He emphasised the theme of the Workshop “Partnership in His Mission – Vision 2020” on basis of I Corinthians : Chapter 3 Verses 5-11.

Three Presentations were made :

  1. “Developing Youth for Leadership Roles”  by  Mr John Manohar , moderated by Mr Sumit Gupta
  2. “Role of Members vis-à-vis Programme Participation” by Dr Subash Masters, moderated by         Mr Agnelo Miranda
  3. “New Thrust Areas of YMCA Programmes” by Mr Gabriel Gonsalves, moderated by Mr Kenneth Birdsturgeon.

Group discussions were held on the Presentations, moderated by Mr R S McLaren 

In the concluding session, the Chairman Mr Stephen DaCosta called for suggestions for formation of a Core Group.  The following names were agreed to :

1 Mr Sumit Gupta      Chairman 2. Mr Shekhar Shaw   Member
3. Mr John Manohar   Member 4. Mr Agnelo Miranda   Member
5. Mr Neil Arpit Prem   Member 6. Mr Saju Varghese   Member
7. Mr Dilip Williams   Member 8. Mr Darius Singh   Member
9. Mr Stephen Levi    Member 10. Mr Joseph Malliakan   Member